The Cancer Information Service (CIS) Toolboxes are for anyone or any organization that wishes to start or is presently operating a service that provides credible cancer information through a variety of communication methods. These toolboxes provide useful ideas and tutorials that will assist you as you start up, maintain and innovate within your CIS. The tools listed here were created by experienced cancer organizations from around the world, and together these tools provide a tested and proven way to address issues that are commonly faced when building a new CIS.

These Cancer Information Service Toolboxes were developed in collaboration with the International Union Against Cancer (UICC). We would like to extend a special thanks to past board member Marion E. Morra, who served as lead author in creating these toolboxes.

We are always working to add new content and resources to the Toolboxes in order to make them as helpful  as possible to new CIS organizations who are seeking support. We would appreciate your feedback and your ideas on the how we make the Toolboxes more helpful to you.

If you would like to share your feedback, please fill out our Toolbox Feedback Survey.


Toolbox for Starting A CIS

Needs Assessment Tool

Sample of a Strategic Plan

The Process of a Call

A Guide to Responding to Emailed and Written Enquiries

Sample Interview Questions for Hiring CIS Staff

Creating Your Operating Guidelines

Using Disclaimer Statements with Clients 

Telephone Service Satisfaction Survey

Email Service Satisfaction Survey

Checklist for Writing Email Responses to CIS Clients


Toolbox for Enhancing A CIS Through Social Media

Introduction to Social Media

Planning to Use Social Media

Social Media Channels

Managing and Marketing Your Social Media Services

Measuring Effectiveness

Glossary of Social Media Terms

Social Media Resources and References