Submitting Materials to the Website


ICISG is interested in listing publications and presentations that member organizations and affiliated researchers have produced related to the providing of information to cancer patients, their families and friends.

Submission Information

To submit material, please contact us for further instructions. Please include the type of material that you would like to submit and the details about that material as outlined below. 

Journal Articles

Please submit articles after they have been accepted for publication. List the following information: title of article, authors, journal name, year, volume, pages. If possible, please include a link where the paper can be found online.


Exploring e-Health usage and interest among cancer information service users: the need for personalized interactions and multiple channels remains. Bright MA, Fleisher L, Thomsen C, Morra ME, Marcus A, Gehring W. J Health Comm. 2005; 10 Suppl 1:83:104


Please submit the following information: title of presentation, list of presenters and affiliations, place of presentation (conference name, city) date of presentation, type of presentation (poster, PowerPoint presentation, other), and link to the abstract or PowerPoint online. 


Cancer Information Services Serving the Community and your NGO. David J. Hill, Director, Cancer Council Victoria, Australia, Anne Vézina, President International CIS Group, Director, Information Services, Canadian Cancer Society. Plenary presentation, UICC Conference, Washington DC, 2006. PowerPoint presentation.

Other Material

If you would like to submit material other than a journal articles or conference presentation, please contact us with details about your material and why you would like it to be included on the website.

Acceptance of Submissions

The Communications Committee of the ICISG will determine the suitability of the material for inclusion on the Publications Page.