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Please follow these required steps for your FREE ICISG membership:

  1. Review the types of membership and select the type that is most appropriate for your organization
  2. Review our Core Values and the instructions on how to create a set of Operating Guidelines. To be considered for full membership, your organization must have a set of operating guidelines that match our criteria within two years of your initial application. If you are planning on establishing a new Cancer Information Service, please also review the Assessment Tool for a Cancer Information Program (it can help you conduct a basic assessment of the needs and proposed structure for a new service) and the resources in the CIS Tool Box. 
  3. Complete and submit this membership application form. The last section of the form is identical to the summary grid from the Assessment Tool.

Confirmation of your membership will be sent to you within 60 working days.


Membership Application Form

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A CIS is a dedicated service established to provide comprehensive, accurate and reliable information about cancer and cancer control to anyone who asks. This one-on-one service can be provided by telephone, email, internet, mail, fax or by personal visit. The service is free and literature may be provided to users. 

If your CIS is still in the planning stages, your answers to the following questions should reflect what your organization is planning to provide when it gets started. If your CIS is already in operation, your answers should reflect the current services being offered by your organization. Please check the checkbox to continue to the next section.