Benefits of Being a Member


Becoming a member of ICISG means you are part of an international community focused on delivering the highest standard of cancer information support to those affected by cancer.

If you have an already established CIS, building a new one or wanting to start one, being part of our international community brings a wealth of opportunity to learn, share and collaborate.

Through our international exchanges, participation at conferences around the world and continual sharing of ideas and experiences, you will have the opportunity to build your expertise through a network of international CIS experts. Membership in ICISG can help you avoid many of the common obstacles that new cancer information services face, and by connecting and collaborating with other members around the world your organization will be well-supported and more effective as you carry out your mission.

Services and resources available to ICISG members 

  • Mentoring and guidance from experts within established Cancer Information Services
  • Participation in the ICISG member listserv 
  • Monthly e-bulletin with updates and announcements from member organizations
  • a social media toolbox with lessons on how to grow and promote your CIS through various social media channels
  • an archive of our monthly “Best Practice” resource featuring an effective practice from a member organization and guidance for use in your own CIS
  • conference papers, peer-reviewed journal articles, and member case studies created by our members
  • downloadable templates and forms
  • and more! We are constantly adding new resources from our members around the world in order to provide developing Cancer Information Services with a rich library of supportive guidance.

Membership Types 

ICISG has two different categories of membership for Cancer Information Services. Associate members are organizations that are still in the planning stage or are very early in their development as a service provider. Full members are more established Cancer Information Services that have submitted a Needs Assessment and a set of Core Values that meets ICISG requirements. 

An organization or person is eligible to apply for Associate Membership if they meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to establishing an evidence-based cancer information service within the next two years
  • Commit to submitting a copy of their mission statement, goals, service rationale and operational guidelines within two years of initial application
  • Submit a completed Membership Application Form

An organization or person is eligible to apply for Full Membership if they meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate that they have established an evidence-based Cancer Information Service
  • Submit a completed Membership Application Form
  • Meet ICISG core values, as confirmed by a majority vote of the ICISG Board of Directors