Danish Cancer Society Update

Dear all in the ICISG.  Here is a little update from the Danish Cancer Society. As for the cancer information services at ‘Kræftlinjen’, we had a busy year with more than 13.000 registered contacts via mail, chat and phone. Now we are preparing for our next step, which will be video counselling via Skype for Business. We hope to be able to offer this new service to our users from the beginning of August.

I would also like to mention our work on gathering user experiences, for strengthening the documentation on general subjects that have either political or communicative interest to our organization’s effort to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families. Every 6 months we provide a report highlighting areas regarding cancer treatment, rehabilitation and patients’ rights where something needs to be improved. The report is distributed to +200 stakeholders (health authorities, hospital managers, doctors, regional and municipal authorities etc.), and as the report is based directly on what our users tell us, it has proven to be of great value.

Unfortunately, our colleagues working in the field of prevention have experienced a backlash on their previous successful work on improving the HPV vaccination rate. Some young girls have experienced severe symptoms, suggested by some doctors to be side effects from the vaccination. It received a lot of interest from the media, although it was never proven to be the case, and parents suddenly resisted letting their daughters have the vaccination, resulting in a drop in the vaccination rate.

That will be all for now folks. Keep up your good work and enjoy the day.

Submitted by:  Chris Donkin, Cancer Hotline Manager-Danish Cancer Society