CancerConnection – Connecting Peers & Experts

The Canadian Cancer Society hosts an online community called ‘CancerConnection’.  In this welcoming and supportive space, people with cancer and their loved ones can meet up with others and share experiences.  Our members participate in discussions, create blogs, post photos and promote local events.   From the active discussions and polls of our members, we are able to identify which topics relate to their cancer experiences and are of interest to them.  We can then facilitate the expertise to address those needs.

While working through our CancerConnection site, and to complement our significant breadth of cancer information on our web site, we are able to connect our funded researchers, healthcare partners and Society experts in the development and delivery of presentations through monthly webcasts. These interactive webcasts are recorded and made available to view on-demand at or the CCS channel on You Tube.  An extensive list of topics including Cancer and Exercise; Nutrition During Chemotherapy; Immunotherapy 101 and Coping with Cancer During the Holidays can be found by clicking on “Webcasts” on

Our French online community, also features a limited number of webcasts.