News & Best Practices

May 2017

Cancer Council Victoria’s Free Wig Service contributed by Cancer Council Victoria

April 2017

News from the Danish Cancer Society contributed by Danish Cancer Society

March 2017

Cancer Information Service activities in Japan  contributed by National Cancer Center, Japan

February 2017

Exploring the rationale, experience and impact of using Cancer Information and Support (CIS) services

contributed by Cancer Council Victoria

January 2017

A national panel of users- an important tool for increased user involvement contributed by Norwegian Cancer Society

December 2016

CancerConnection – Connecting Peers and Experts contributed by Canadian Cancer Society

November 2016

Protecting vulnerable users.  Keeping our helpline safe contributed by Cancer Research UK

October 2016

Cancer Information via chat – survey shows interest among visitors of German CIS website contributed by the German Cancer Research Center

September 2016

Building soft skills for Malaysia’s Cancer Information Service Helpline contributed by National Cancer Society of Malaysia 

August 2016

Evaluation of the Irish Cancer Society’s Cancer Information Services contributed by Irish Cancer Society

July 2016

The Healthy Living after Cancer (HLaC) Program contributed by Cancer Council South Australia

June 2016

How to Counsel on Familiar Cancer Risk contributed by Cancer Society of Finland

April 2016

Webinars provided by Cancer Council Victoria in 2015 contributed by Cancer Council Victoria

March 2016

Danish Cancer Society Update  contributed by the Danish Cancer Society

February 2016

Helping Childhood Cancer Patients Continue with Schooling  contributed by the National Cancer Centre, Japan

January 2016

Virtual Reality Pilot to Help Bone Marrow Patients contributed by the Norwegian Cancer Society

December 2015

A Win-Win Initiative contributed by the Canadian Cancer Society

November 2015

Class Provides Creative Outlet for Staff contributed by the American Cancer Society

October 2015

Is There Anybody Out There? contributed by the German Cancer Information Service

September 2015

Reaching Out To Patients contributed by Cancer Society of Finland

August 2015

Introducing Call Recording on Cancer Research UK’s CIS Telephone Service  contributed by Cancer Research UK

November 2014

Using Video to Enhance Specialist Training: A Case Study contributed by Cancer Council Victoria