Monika Preszly

German Cancer Information Service
German Cancer Research Center  (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum)

Monika Preszly has been actively engaged in cancer information and communication for nearly 30 years. She joined the German Cancer Research Center in 1984 to contribute to the establishment and development of KID, the German Cancer Information Service for the public (since 2008 National Reference Center for Cancer Information). She has been working for KID in a variety of roles, including the management and administration of the program.

Monika is a founding member of the International Cancer Information Services Group (ICISG) and a member of its board.

She has been deeply committed to developing the international CIS network since 1987 when she organized the first conference of European cancer information services in Heidelberg. Since then, she has initiated and organized several follow-up conferences, assisted other European organizations in starting and developing a CIS, and facilitated exchange of information and know-how through workshops, joint activities and bilateral collaborations. From 1996 to 2008, she ran a staff exchange program (Annelies Schleich Scholarship) to strengthen the collaboration between KID and the US National Cancer Institute’s CIS. Since September 2012, the program has been continued at the European level.

Monika is co-author of the book “Krebs-Fragen und Antworten” (Cancer-Questions and Answers), Springer, Heidelberg, and she is author of various articles and presentations on the subject. She has an MA in education and is a member of the European Association of Cancer Education.