ICISG at this year’s World Cancer Congress

The ICISG is pleased to present the following two sessions at this year’s World Cancer Congress:

Information for Empowerment: providing high quality information for patients to help them work in partnership with their doctors and health care professionals.  Track 5 – Empowering Civil Societies: building capacity for change. Wednesday 2nd November/13:50 to 15:20/Room 343

Different Voices Different Channels:  delivering information for patients through multiple channels in a multimedia age.  Track 3 – Improving patient and family experiences.  Wednesday 2nd November/17:00 to 18:00/Room 343

News & Best Practices

Each month we feature News or Best Practices developed by a member CIS, including suggestions and resources to assist other organizations who may be interested in adopting the practice.

News from: German Cancer Research Center

Cancer Information via chat – survey shows interest among visitors of German CIS website

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The International Cancer Information Service Group (ICISG) and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) are partners in an effort to strengthen the delivery of quality cancer information.  The objective of their collaboration is to enhance the capacity of UICC members to start, maintain grow and evaluate their Cancer Information Service (CIS), as well as to explore emerging collaborative opportunities in the delivery of quality cancer information for the public benefit.